About Us

Company History

Union Paper Box & Printing Press Ltd. founded 1954 in Hong Kong as a small paper manufacturing firm. Expansion occurred over the next few decades; with a significant milestone being the opening of its first custom factory in Panyu, China (1994).

The factory has since expanded into a sophisticated production facility exceeding 200,000 m² with over 3,000 employees. In the present day, Union has evolved into a global supplier of paper and box related products. Many of our products are custom tailored to our client’s specific needs. Our position as a market leader is supplemented by our constant innovation using cutting edge technology during production for our global customers.

What We Do

Our Factory

Our manufacturing facilities cover the production of a vast range of products. We are industry leading innovator which prides itself on the highest quality standards of our products. Our facilities are also fully capable of creating custom designed products manufactured to our client’s needs. We bring the visions of our clients to life; with products that are functionally superior as well as aesthetically stylish.

Our factory is ISO 9001:2015 certified; a clear indicator that we are committed to providing high quality products reliably at competitive prices.

The combination of production capabilities alongside product innovation has enabled us to satisfy a global client base. We consistently encourage initiatives to booster quality in our staff performance and processes. Union strives for excellence throughout all its operations.


Union & the Environment 

Union is a corporately responsible organization which is committed to the wellbeing of the environment and long-term sustainability of natural resources.

We are FSC™ certified (FSC C007323), complying with the highest standards and regulations. We make it our obligation to reduce waste by recycling and reusing products. Our initiatives include reducing water and energy usage within our office and production facilities.

Our products are also fulfilled all the requirements of REACH regulation in Europe and the CPSIA standard in America.

This enables Union and clients to achieve our common goals to ensure that products contribute to the safety and sustainability of our environment.


Union & our Workers

In addition to contributing to the environment that we are all responsible to take good care of, Union is engaged to protecting the wellbeing and livelihoods of our employees. We pride ourselves in maintaining a safe and pleasant working environment. We also have strict safety and security control measures that fulfills the United States’ CTPAT standards.